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2019 Southern 100 - IOM (July 8th-11th)

2019 Southern 100 - IOM (July 8th-11th)

Sunday 21st July 2019

As the second week in July 2019 came around we made our annual pilgrimage to the IOM for the Southern 100 Road Races

We've been doing this for quite a number of years now and the event never ceases to leave us in awe of every competitor that takes part to race on the Billown Course at Castletown.

This year, yet again, the racing didn't disappoint.
Monday and Tuesday...the weather was, and can only be described as *Inclement" with torrential rain and fog over the mountain.
However, this eventually cleared up to leave us with great racing on Wednesday evening and the full day on Thursday.

Dean Harrison was the man of the meeting winning all 6 races that he entered with a phenomenal pace through the week.
Sidecar Race 1 was also something to behold.
Brave lads and lasses...everyone of them.

Visits to Conrods Coffe Shop in Ramsey and Murrays Motorcycle Museum are a must while on the IOM.

If you've never been to The Friendly Races we can't recommend them enough.
We will be back again next year for certain.

On a sad note, for all the years we have been going to the Southern 100, we have been 4.
Sadly we lost "Dad" in January 2019 so the trip this year was more poignant.
It was always his birthday while at the races too.
We put a tribute to him up on the Fairy Bridge so if your ever on the IOM...pop and say HI to our fallen leader.

Godspeed Dad.
Love you forever.
Tony Webb. July 12th 1945 - Jan 4th 2019