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"Scott Ogden Racing" 2019 Cartagena ""Pro-Test

"Scott Ogden Racing" 2019 Cartagena ""Pro-Test

Wednesday 13th March 2019

PFR Motorsport supported British Motostar's Rider "Scott Ogden" has begun his 2019 Racing Season campaign over the last few weeks in Spain.

Scott was on track at a Euro Trackday and also at the Cartagena BSB "Pro-Test" in early March.
Excellent progress was made in 7 days on track.
Highlights were that he did a total 320 laps (1100km)
He was on Lap record pace which saw him lap as fast as "Aspar Team Pull and Bear" Academy riders.
No Bike Problems and No crashes.

Scotts progress showed his professional approach, that is obviously required, by continuously doing one out lap, two laps at lap record and then come in for adjustments to improve every single part fo the bike.

He also did a full 30 lap stint, 50 mins out on track...Every Lap all within a second.

This all bodes well for the forthcoming season and his continued progress.

Support is a big thing for young riders so please give Scott a follow on his website and follow his progress throughout 2019.

Scott Ogden Racing

PFR Motorsport are proud to be supporting upcoming British Racing Talent.