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PFR "YZR 500" Replica. (Update)

PFR "YZR 500" Replica. (Update)

Saturday 8th December 2018

Well...Here we "Still are" with the YZR 500 Replica project.

All good things come to those who wait...I think Guy Martin said (lol) and this is taking us a while to complete...
Usual stuff...that work gets in the way of this...but we'll get it done in the end.
I actually doubt whether it will be complete, as I'm sure we'll be fettling it for years.

Anyway, for those that don't know the spec, I've given a little rundown of what we are attempting.
Its nothing new as this has been done before, but we are "Two Stroke Nuts" here and wanted to build something that cannot be bought.

General Spec:
RD 500 Engine (Stan Stephens Stage 3 Tune)
Yamaha TZR 250 "3MA" Frame...Heavily Modified.
Yamaha TZR 250 "3XV" Swingarm...Heavily Modified... 2010 R6 Wheel.
Yamaha R6 "2010" Front End.

We've fitted PFR Clip-Ons, "PFR 2" Style Footpegs, and a Galespeed "Fully Adjustable" Cable Clutch Lever The same as fitted to our R1 Trackbike...(Work of Art!)
Lots of other little modifications, which we generally fabricate on the lathe etc.

We've added a few pics for folk that like this sort of stuff.

Updates as we go.
Please drop us an email if you would like to know anything or enquire about our parts etc.